Saturday, July 08, 2006

WWRSD part II - it's soup-erlative!

Soup fixins

If you know me in the real life you've probably eaten this soup. Why? Because I probably walked a big 'ole container of it around to your house, thrust it into your hands and walked away muttering to myself. Without even realising it the recipe I'm about to outline made more minestrone than I've ever seen in my life, but fuck me if it wasn't tasty. I actually just devoured a big 'ole bowl of it with some toast and am now plump, fed and contented.

Do you want to get your soup on? Okay, well this is the way I made minestrone. I kind of just pulled the recipe out of my ass, and I think in future I'll chuck in a tin of tomatoes so the broth is more red and, uhm, tomatoey, but c'est la vie. Here is what I did: I peeled and chopped a large carrot, chopped a zucchini of Ron Jeremy proportions, shredded a quarter of a cabbage, cubed three ripe, knurbled tomatoes, sliced a fist-sized red onion, sliced three stalks of celery, leaves and all, crushed and chopped four cloves of garlic, and stripped the leaves off a third to a quarter of a bunch of thyme.

I then heated up a generous slug of olive oil in a big 'ole stock pot and turned the garlic and onion in it with a bit of salt until it smelt good. I stirred in the tomatoes until they began to break down, then tipped in the rest of the veges along with the thyme. After it all wilted a bit I threw in a good few litres of water with about four tablespoons of stock powder (yes, I know, real stock is better, but I'm a student, for chrissakes), a couple of bay leaves, three or four stalks of thyme, a couples of handfuls of brown lentils and a few handfuls small pasta shells. I brought it to the boil, reduced the heat and let it simmer while I showered and put my washing away.

That was it! I'm all souped up now. What's your favourite way to make soup/soup pun?

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