Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pastry Muffin Pie Things. Err….

Once upon a time my friends and I had an Iron Chef competition. Actually, we had three. On the third occasion we decided it would be a ONE DISH WONDER competition. Each person would bring one dish and the best would win. My dish—puff pastry in a muffin tin filled with shit like feta, basil, caramelised onions, balsamic, toasted pine nuts, oven-roasted tomatoes—ended up winning. Because of it, I had always liked that recipe and have used it many times since.

Today I saw some stuff in the fridge that needed to be used before it went to waste: bbq chook, leek, cream, anchovy butter. Why not make some pastry things, Jobe? You fucking genius. God I love you. Let us pleasure ourselves then we will cook. Oh yes. But we must wash our hands too. Oh course! But first pleasure. Yes.

So what you do is cut some puff pastry into circles that are a bit bigger than a muffin tin. Flour the muffin tin so the pastry won't stick then place the circles inside. Into the naked pastry shells you must add the following:

For the chicken and leek pastry:
- 1/2-3/4 of the white meat of a bbq chicken, shredded or cut into small pieces and about twice that amount of shredded leek. I had this massive leek and used about half of it, but I think it was a freak of nature.
- Cook this in a pan with the anchovy butter until the leek is done. Then add a splash of cream to bind. This will give you enough filling for about 15 things.

For the revolutionary stuffing pastry:
- Take a bit of the stuffing from the chicken and top it with a bit of pesto and shredded tasty cheese.

Cook these in an oven (or in an ambush, if you have one) until the pastry has reached its desired golden brown state. Let cool for a minute then run a knife between the pastry and tin to separate the tasty treats.

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Rach said...

You're such a creative, Frenchy type cook, Mr Jobe. I have some pastry floating around, mayhap I'll give it a try sometime.