Monday, July 24, 2006

The Recipe With Potatoes, But No Pictures (How Arty of Me)

So I arrived to the blog the other day and notice, to my surprise, that Rach has redone the layout. She’s very talented and creative, our Rach. Anyway, to show my appreciation I decided that I would make her some nice food because she has earned it, and she has also seemed a bit down lately.

Rach fact: Rach is a vegetarian.

I decided to freestyle a dish for her (out of love).

I assembled the following:
- Medium block of firm tofu, cut into inch-sized cubes
- 1 large potato, cut into sizes similar to tofu
- Can of coconut milk
- Can of chopped tomatoes (fresh would be fine. I didn’t have any good enough for Rach)
- 4 cloves of garlic
- 100g of cashews (unsalted)
- 1 T of sugar
- 1 t of paprika
- 1 pinch of curry powder
- 1 T of dried basil (didn’t have fresh. Bite me)
- 2 of the big, milder, red chillies. Deseeded and chopped.
- Half a medium onion
- Splash of soy sauce

I put the garlic, cashews, sugar, chilli and onion in my blender (of love). This was blended to a fairly coarse paste. Rach likes her curries with a bit of crunch in them.

This was then put into a pan on a medium heat and fried with a little oil. Paprika, curry powder and sugar is then added, stirred and then the tofu and potato is added. This is cooked for a bit until the tofu and potato pick up a little colour. But don’t burn the paste. I swear to God! Turn it down if it’s getting too hot.

Then we can add the tomato and coconut milk and a splash of soy, stir, then add the basil. You are now ready to reduce the heat to a bit of a simmer before leaving it until the potatoes are cooked.

So I took this round to Rach but she wasn’t in so I ate it myself. It was good for a freestyled recipe of appreciation.


Rach said...

That's some good appreciation curry, kitten. I'll have to try it some time. And you were right to go for the milder chillies. My chilli wussdom is my (now not so) secret shame.

sublime-ation said...

wow hot hot does this look now...curry hot indeed.

Jobe said...

It wasn't that hot, although I love chilli and garlic so I put lots of both in.

You can always cut it back. It would be nice as a mild curry.

sublime-ation said...

I was referring to the new look of the blog.
But also the recipe, hot as in good.
oh I'm so confused

I am a wuss with hot curries got my resistance up last summer eating African curry (v v hot) then I stopped now it's gone again.