Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Step One: Steal all underpants...

I wanted lunch. What I had was an experience of pure evil genius.


This involved: one rather stale piece of sourdough rye bread bought for a ginger bread and butter pudding that never eventuated, the last of the hydroponic tomatoes reduced to a pulp under the grill before assembly, one full half of an avocado lumpily smeared, the finest low fat cheese Bega has to offer, and evil genius.




sublime-ation said...

that looks better than my lunch. I had Shepard's Pie. I did not make it.
How do we know who makes these wondrous edible things of wonder zarathustra? WHOM?

Rach said...

Are you talking about the title, Ms Sublime-ation?

Jobe said...

Whose number is that in the background?

Rach said...

No idea. probably someone my housemate knows.