Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hey Look Guys -It's Me- And Creme Fraiche Potatoes

I have been a very slack blogger over here at Zarathust. And look at all the remarkable work my fellow bloggers have been doing.

God I love Chocolate Crackles. There is a poll over at La Nads place in relation to Cheese vs Chocolate going down and I urge all you chocolate lovers (i.e Good People) to go over there and vote for choc. After all, how could we have chocolate crackles without it?

So I am feeling foodie inspired by the return of my French friends, who sauntered in on Sunday with Strawberry Liqueur and within instants my fridge was once again full of 7 different kinds of brie and ham, and you couldn't move in my kitchen without risking serious injury by a baguette.

The petite femme half of the duo is Julie, who despite her tranquil qua gorgeousness has been rumoured to run with the toughest gang in Paris and can cook up a storm to stop a riot.

She does this thing with potatoes which truly makes my heart stop, and last night to celebrate her return I made damn sure she made it for me.

Julie's Potatoes avec Creme Fraiche Sauce

You can add this to most styles of potatoes. The best is with barbecued roasted potatoes wrapped in foil, but last night we boiled some first, then chucked them under the grill until they were crispy and golden brown on the outside.

Buy some good Creme Fraiche. It can be hard to find in Australia, but we have found this new one available by those people that do dips in the supermarket, I forget their name, but you can buy it in good supermarkets: UPDATE: The name of the brand is Wattle Valley. These Frenchies seem to adore it, and praise it over the one by King Island. Note: Sour Cream won't do. It has to be Creme Fraiche. We're talking something to do with milk fat percentages here, or summin'. It's important, taste wise.


Put the Creme Fraiche in a bowl.

Get some shallots, a couple will do. Chop finely. Add to bowl.

Take a sip of your Kir Royale (white wine or champagne with a splash of creme de cassis or in this case, strawberry liqueur).

Get some chives. Find some scissors.

Chop the chives into the bowl.

Add salt and pepper.


When you get your potatoes, cut them open and mash 'em up a bit with your fork. Add the Creme Fraiche Sauce, and drool.

Eat and be happy. We had ours with chicken fried in a wok with onion, red capsicum and herbs. It was amazing.

It's also amazing how many potatoes one can eat this way.


MelbourneGirl said...



best chocolate crackle recipe.

ready. you need a pen and paper cause it's complicated.

one large family block dairy milk chocolate

one box rice bubbles

heat chocolate in bowl over boiling water in pan until completely melted.

when melted, pour in rice bubbles and stir gently until all blended in.

put into patty cake paper cases things (never sure what to call those little shits) and refrigerate.

these are the best.

and while i would choose cheese over chocolate if i had to, it doesn't mean i don't LIKE chocolate. so i'm not a baddie am i?

sublime-ation said...

No, I love cheese too.

Stay tuned: Julie's making me crepes.